Sunday, February 25, 2007

Provigil pen

This ranks as the number one drug I'd like to write my own prescription for. Provigil is really for patients with narcolepsy. Also perfect, I imagine, for those long nights on call. The pen isn't bad either.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Diovan pocket clip

I've already voiced my disapproval of using drug rep pocket clips, turning, as they do, one's pocket into a tiny billboard. Pens I don't mind so much, but putting one of these on seems to make a small, proud statement of support. This one is no different.

Benicar pen

The second Benicar pen I've picked up. See the first one here. This one is actually quite nice. Taking it apart, I found the ink cartrige advertised free refill cartriges, which was the first time I've seen this. I guess they want to preserve the lifespan of their little advert.

A quick visit to the website which supplies the refills discovers they actually cost $3.95, for shipping and handling. No, thanks. I got the pen for free, I'm not investing in the product.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Diovan Calipers

Another set of calipers in the pile this week. These actually match the other Diovan product I've picked up, the penlight I posted earlier. These calipers are a bit annoying though, in that they aren't sturdy enough to hold the space you set them to. The plastic arms are, well, plastic, and seem threatening to break at the slightest provocation. That, and they are huge. The Coreg calipers, for example, are about half the size of a normal pen. (roughly 7.5cm long) These are the size of an average highlighter. Plus they have the Novartis label in large lettering on the pocket clip. (see the second picture) I realize all this stuff is given out as advertisement, but I refuse to turn my person into a walking billboard. Not likely to use these anytime soon.

Abilify Clipboard

From the nice people at Bristol-Myers-Squibb comes this clipboard. I guess the picture is supposed to be peaceful and calming. Though I like the blue, I'm not so much a fan of clipboards in general. I'll be giving this one away.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Infasurf pen

I just dug this one out of a drawer, after getting it a while back from a rep in a field I'm not actually practicing in. It has something to do with pediatrics, and the pen is a bit fragile, like kids. That pink clicker top pops off really easily, and this picture is misleading in that I had to jam the thing down to get it to stay long enough to survive the photo shoot. It's in the trash now.

Gyrus pen

No, it's not a Greek resturant, they make really cosmic toys for minimally invasive surgeons. My initial reaction to this pen was "wow, cheap" but upon reflection, that's probably a good thing. They're probably spending more on their actual product that way.