Saturday, June 06, 2009

Roche viewmaster

This vintage drug rep toy is courtesy Dr. Jason Lau in Canada. Apparently the pictures seen through the viewmaster are 3D renditions of kidney damage. Though I'm uncertain which drug they were advertising with this, Roche does make Naprosyn, which will certainly damage your kidneys if taken inappropriately.

Lexiva pill container

This is less of a toy, and more of an example how complicated HIV drug regimens can be. Certainly there's an advertisement here, but also proof that despite the popular impression, someone at Big Pharma cares about the people taking these meds.

Crixivan White-out

From reader Enid Vázquez comes this Crixivan white out. Somehow advertising the ability to erase mistakes along with an anti-HIV drug seems dangerous ground.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Viagra light switch

No comment really needed, and in fact, I'm sure my mother wouldn't approve if there were any. Hi mom!

UPDATE: I received this pic from a reader, and I am not certain it was ever used by Pfizer. I have heard from the designer of the item, Einav Jacubovich, and he has asked for attribution. Clever idea at least, but possibly not a real drug rep toy.

UPDATE 2: I have confirmed this was never used as a pharmaceutical advertisement. Clever idea though.

Ser-Ap-Es pen knife

Here's a drug I'm positive I've never seen prescribed. From an alert reader comes this vintage shot of a penknife advertising an old antihypertensive. There are three component medications in this, one of which is (and I swear I'm not making this up) an extract of Rauwolfia serpentina or "Indian snakeroot." Add that to willow bark and cinchona alkaloids in the list of natural products used in modern medicine.