Sunday, December 03, 2006

Topamax pen

Finally, a migraine medicine with a pen that doesn't give you a migraine to look at it. See Imitrex for comparison. I like this one a lot, but you know, I've got all the rest on this page to choose from, and this one hasn't made it to the top of the heap in a while.

Lovenox ID tag

Pretty much everyone in the hospital needs an ID badge, and it has to displayed prominently. Pretty easy to see how the drug companies figured out that a badge holder might be prime real estate.

I use a holder I bought, because I think these kinds of things are borderline obnoxious.

Levaquin highlighter

Another Levaquin trinket. This is actually quite useful, a highlighter with no cap to lose. It's in my bag now.

Benicar pen

Nothing particularly stands out about this one. Interesting color scheme, but it's a lot like any other pen.